The Idea of America

The Idea of America

Role: Web and Application Services Manager

Goals and Involvement:

  • In collaboration with third-party design/development firm, established style guide, UI/UX direction, visual hierarchy and development of web property/product
  • Provided project manager leadership to establish new product/web property
  • Using Agile methodology, led weekly/daily/monthly design and development meetings, client meetings, as well as “managing up” to keep upper management abreast of project
  • Cross team collaboration/management with specific Colonial Williamsburg division as service provider for their product

The Idea of America™ is a standards-based, supplemental program you can integrate with a school’s current history curriculum. It comprises 65 case studies—using multimedia and interactive elements—that make primary-source content relevant to today’s learners and encourage active citizenship.

Below are screenshots showing a path an educator would take to find resource references.

Also, you can visit and log in with the following credentials to sample content:

username: jbowman
password: teamawesome